Every company needs a tool to measure employee satisfaction and motivation. Employees' opinion is an excellent source of knowledge crucial to providing the best employee experience possible. But how to correctly gather information to understand what your employees need?

We need to gather data to measure how people feel in the organization. Their well-being and engagement are what make your company work. And you want it to work efficiently.

That is why you need an objective tool to help you conduct the employee experience survey to find out how people feel about the organization and what you should focus on to provide them with the best experience.

As research shows, a happy employee is an efficient employee.

So there's no time to wait! Find out how to prepare the employee experience survey according to your needs, or just download our free template!


What is employee experience survey

An employee experience survey is a tool that allows you to measure employee satisfaction and motivation. By using surveys, you can gather crucial information to help you understand your employees' needs.

The answers collected via the employee experience survey make it easier to prepare the employee engagement framework, which helps employees communicate their needs and expectations toward the company.

There are many ways you can use the survey to measure your employees' happiness. It can be conducted annually, quarterly, or even monthly. But, of course, everything depends on the needs of the organization and the number of changes you need to implement.

Cyclic employee satisfaction surveys can give you in-depth feedback about the organization and satisfaction after conducting changes based on previous surveys. That's how you can develop your company culture the way everyone benefits.


Benefits of an employee experience survey

You may wonder why you should choose the employee experience survey as the best method for your company. Here're some key benefits that will dispel your doubts:

  • easy to deploy – collecting the data from surveys is easy. You can automate the measuring process to make it faster;
  • easy to prepare – there are many guides on how to prepare the employee experience survey, and you can always download the free template (like ours!);
  • comprehensive – you can customize the survey to capture whatever you need to measure. You're the one to decide;
  • reliable – with an experience survey, you get an accurate picture of employees' opinions about their work;
  • easy answers – with an employee experience survey, you can quickly get the answers on what you should change to implement as soon as possible.

Employee experience survey questions

A good question does not influence the employee to choose any answers. The best employee experience survey questions are those where you can hear your employee and understand why they think what they think.

To do that, you need both types of questions:

  • quantitative – that allows comparing employee sentiment in various areas within the organization;
  • qualitative – allows subjective employee feedback about the given matters.

Remember that all the questions you ask should fit your company culture. Otherwise, employees can not give honest feedback.

If you conduct the employee experience survey correctly, you should be able to set the key issues that your employees are struggling with.

Here are a few samples of questions to put in your survey:

  1. Is your role in the organization clear to you?
  2. Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years in the organization?
  3. Do you receive constructive feedback from your manager?
  4. Do you feel that the organization supports a healthy work-life balance?
  5. Is your work environment distraction-free and motivating?
  6. Did you get along well with your team members?
  7. Is employee engagement important in your organization?
  8. On a scale of 1-5, how happy are you about the employee experience initiatives at your company?

Why measuring employee experience is important

Asking employees for their feedback helps your organization understand the employees' problems and their opinions about the work environment and helps improve their satisfaction so they can become more productive.

It also allows you to find out what you're doing well, what things your employees appreciate, and which of them make them satisfied. With this knowledge, you can focus on activities that work and change those that aren't. Without employees' feedback, you can only wonder.

If you want to make employees stay in your organization and be happy and productive, you must always care about the company culture and organization. That means – you should regularly conduct the employee experience survey to check if your actions have a good influence on employee satisfaction. Without checking it, you can't be sure.

If your employees are happy, they work harder and feel good. And if they're satisfied, they want to stay in your organization and even attract their talented friends to work with you. There's nothing better than an honest friend recommendation!


Employee satisfaction survey is a great toll to measure your employees engagement and find the way how to make people feel better in your organization. It allows gathering info about what problems you need o address and if conducting repeatedly, it also gives you a possibility to check weather you efforts are paying off.

If you want to know more about the eployee satisfaction and productivity, read our HR blog, and if you want to see how Calamari can help you increase the employee productivity, contact us.

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