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Managing time off directly from Calamari integration with Slack

Eliminate paperwork by managing time off directly from Slack

There is no need to leave Slack to request time off, sick leave, or any other absence. The entire process can be done directly from the app to keep your team focused on their work.

Thanks to integration with Calamari, employees are just a few clicks away from sending requests that managers can quickly accept or reject.

Preview of Calamari Slack integration with tracking time off and attendence feature - Track time and clock in/out from Slack

Track time and clock in/out from Slack 

Clock in and out directly from Slack. Everyone will receive a notification at the beginning of their workday and a reminder about the end of the day in order to maintain a work-life balance.

You can easily track time spent on different projects with no need for switching between different tools.

More features

Requesting time off

Keep your employees focused on their work. They can request time off, sick leave or vacation directly from Slack – no need to visit web or mobile app!

Requesting time off

Slack status sync

Thanks to Calamari-Slack synchronization, statuses will automatically update on a leave date and increase transparecy in your team. Your teamates will be up to date about vacations, remote work and all other types of leaves.

Slack status sync

Employee presence and work plan

Check the presence list in Slack. View your team or entire organisation. This helps with planning your work time more efficiently and improves smoothness of remote work planning in hybrid office.

Employee presence and work plan

Daily notifications

Employees get direct notification about their leave request statuses. Managers get notified about pending time off requests for approval. You can set up daily and weekly updates about upcoming holidays and absence requests and work from home.

Managing requests

Approve or reject time-off requests directly from Slack. Easily add comments on leave requests or check balance of already taken leave.

Managing requests

Leave approval history

Managers will check the whole history of approval and comments on time off request. Calamari supports multi-level approval process.

Leave approval history

Quick clock in/out

Employees can log their work time directly from Slack and not forget about it thanks to notifications.

Quick clock in/out

Leave balances

Employees can check their time-off entitlement directly in the Slack. Quick overview of all types of time off and remaining leave balances.

Leave balances

Slack birthday reminder

Calamari keeps your team informed about upcoming birthdays, giving you the possibility to celebrate these special days together!

Slack birthday reminder

Import employee profiles

Log in with Slack to quickly import your employee profiles to Calamari.

Office occupancy

Thanks to the calamari channels you can see how many people are working remotely or from the office.

Sign in with Slack

Sign in to Calamari with your Slack account (SSO) – it’s secure and you don’t have to remember additional password.

Slack commands

Type "/calamari" or "/calamari help" to see a list of all available commands. Use the commands to request leave, check employee attendance plans, approve requests and more.

Easy setup

How to enable integration with Slack?

  1. Sign up for a free trial or sign in to Calamari as an admin,
  2. Log in to your Slack team dashboard,
  3. Go to the configuration panel, scroll to the integration list, and find Slack. Then, to connect Slack and Calamari together, click “Turn on integration”.
Synchronized automatically

Keep HR data synchronized with your favorite tools

Calamari connects to the apps you use every day, allowing you to focus on your work.

Get ready for efficiency

Stop being a bottleneck. Try our time-off tracking system for 14 days for free and regain focus.

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“In the 2+ years our company has used Calamari, we have heard nothing but positive feedback from employees and managers.”

– Parker R.VP, People, Mission & Culture at Brightspot

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