Create a vacation calendar for all of your remote employees using one application. Thanks to the online leave management tool you can set day-offs for your subordinates, search for upcoming absences, and add holidays to the shared online calendar.

Calamari Leave – vacation tracker will optimize your leave management processes and take care of the relationship between employees. It makes it easier to let coworkers know when you’re available thanks to which you minimize the possibility of losing time because of weak work planning. Thanks to this absence management software you can improve efficiency communication and reduce paperwork in your team.

Vacation calendar is always with you

Time-off planning software is an online tool that provides every employee with:

  • access to upcoming absence vacation plan and an electronic attendance list of the company,
  • ongoing reporting of time off with an online access.

Depending on their given permissions, employees can check their own time-off calendars, team vacation calendar, or company calendar. It is possible to see online approved and still pending leave requests and book the time-off in the way that employees’ vacation leave does not interfere with vacation plans of coworkers.

Convenient integrations

Thanks to the integration with Google Workspace, all company’s time off requests can be displayed in a shared Google Calendar so it is possible to use it as an employees vacation calendar. All the accepted leave records can be accessed at any time by your HR team and line managers thanks to the cloud-based system.

Calamari allows you to check your day-off limits, vacation calendars and the upcoming vacation days of other employees. It’s a huge help in planning projects in the whole year, meetings on a weekly basis and other plans strictly correlated with holidays. Thanks to using the iCalendar standard, Calamari makes it really easy to add your absence plan to email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird to help with tracking vacation days properly.

Flexible leave management for remote teams

Calamari leave management system is a flexible tool allowing to configure a vacation calendar to adapt it to the labor law of the country. Our vacation tracker is, of course, GDPR compliant. In case of taking a leave day, other employees can see the absence but will not see the reason for taking it.

Thanks to the flexibility, it is possible to manage different labour policies for employees from different countries. It makes Calamari the great solution for distributed organizations. Makes it easy to set the day-off limitations to the right people. THanks to this feature HR department work is much easier and faster.

Create your vacation tracking calendar

By using an online employee vacation management tool your teammates are able to send an absence request from any place around the World. The automated leave management system will send the notification to the manager responsible for the approval of vacation requests. You can also set up the automated leave approval for selected employees. Based on this information, Calamari creates the time-off calendar of all the employees.

Holiday planning and vacation tracking online is giving employees the power to view and manage their time-off record without needing help from the HR department. Calamari is not only convenient for planning and managing absences, but it is also a great tool that will help you improve communication, optimize the time and make the work environment more convenient.

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