Good software with great integration can have a huge impact on information flow and work efficiency in all kinds of organizations. Well optimized connection between tools used in the company makes everyday work much faster and easier for employees, and it provides order in the information.

According to the research conducted by Deloitte for 2019, over 90% of all small and medium-sized businesses use digital tools for communication purposes and over 80% of them use digital tools for internal management and logistics. Also, over 40% of responders use digital tools for sales management.

It is easy to notice that there are at least 2 different kinds of tools used in companies – and those tools can be more than one for every department. That being said, the ability to easily transfer data between programs is essential.

It is important to consider the possible integration with software use in company and attendance and day-off management when deciding on choosing one. Employers should think about:

  • How hard it will be to connect apps with each other?
  • Does the time tracking and absence software meet all the company's requirements?
  • Is it flexible and easy to use?
  • Is its price worth the offered benefits?

Why is it worth considering the integration of software in the company?

The bigger organization, the more separated departments are working on different aspects of their development. IT, Marketing, HR – all of them have their role and need other tools. All of the departments should have a possibility to conveniently share relevant data with one another to keep a good tempo of working and information flow.

Information exchange via email or text files can be good for small companies... for some time. But sooner or later it turns out that good communication and integration between different software is necessary. It can be very hard – if not impossible – to work out good cooperation between teams without proper connection of tools used in the organization.

Good integration between software using in the organization can:

  • saves time, especially while working on multi-team projects, creating reports, and managing time-off,
  • improve information flow thanks to setting notifications of new events between applications to prevent overlooking important task or data,
  • makes it easier to keep order in documents and projects.

That is why, when choosing new software for an organization, it is good to check the integration between current and new tools. It is best to choose those, which can be easily integrated. Many applications offer API integration, but this solution needs extra work from the IT department and can generate additional costs, and can not always be possible.

5 tools Calamari is integrated with

Calamari is a time tracking and absence management software online. It collects information about working hours, breaks, overtime and absences and can share them with other software in form of notifications.

All the data about worked hours and leaves are stored in the cloud, so people can access them from any place at any time. It makes the HR department's work easier and gives employees the possibility to check their time-off limits and plan their vacations.

In Calamari, we are aware that smooth time management is important for the company's efficiency, that is why we offer our clients integrations with the most popular software used in everyday office work:



Slack is one of the most popular group communication app which reported 12 million daily active users in October 2019. It allows writing and voice conversations and sending documents using Slack desktop app, browser web page app, and mobile apps for iOS and Android systems. It allows employees to conduct private chats, creating slack channels – both open and private ones – thanks to which every team can have its place to talk and still be in touch with all the other coworkers.

The Slack app has been equipped with many useful functions known from social media:

  • tagging people,
  • adding emojis to messages,
  • adding emojis to displayed name of the user,
  • marking entries with a star,
  • replying to a given message as a comment to it.

The free version of Slack allows us to store the 10 000 messages in history. To have access to the full history one has to upgrade to a premium version.

Calamari and Slack integration allow setting periodic notifications about upcoming absences, holidays, birthdays of employees, and other events chosen by the administrator. They can be displayed on the chosen Slack channel.

There is also the possibility to turn the notifications about the hours of starting and ending shifts and taking breaks. Calamari app connected with Slack also supports leave requests: requesting a day off, accepting or denying the request, and leaving the comment to the request.

If you want to find out more features, check the Calamari and Slack integration here.

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is the group communication platform consisting of chat, virtual conference room, and work area. It is a part of Microsoft Office 365. It allows an independent and group work on files, as well as coordinating and organizing teamwork. In November 2019 MS Teams reported 20 million daily active users becoming even more popular than Slack.

You can use the platform using Microsoft Teams web app using Chrome, FireFox, and Microsoft Edge browsers, desktop app, or mobile app with iOS and Android systems.

MS Teams app allows gathering files and tools usually used in teamwork and staying in touch between coworkers. Application speeds up joint work on projects and allows to update task's statuses thanks to which it ensures smooth information flow between employees.

Microsoft Teams online is a paid software with 6 months free trial for Microsoft clients with Office 365 accounts who did not have Microsoft Teams app activated before. Teams platform can also be used without Office 365 but only for educational institutions and companies.

Thanks to the integration with Calamari, it is possible to inform employees about upcoming absence, public holidays, and employees' birthdays via Microsoft Teams channels set up for this purpose. All information can also be found in Microsoft Teams Calendar.

Microsoft Office 365

MS Office 365 is a collection of applications and services provided by Microsoft servers, which includes Microsoft Office suite and versions of server products available in the cloud: Lync Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint Server. All the services are provided online and update automatically.

In Microsoft Office 365 online for business (Office 365 Small Business Premium) users get access to:

  • Word – word processor allowing to write, format, save, manipulate, print and share a text-based documents,
  • Excel – spreadsheet program that contains columns and rows separating document on cells allowing data analyzing and data documentation,
  • PowerPoint – presentation program allowing to create a slideshow of text, images, music files and charts to display during a presentation,
  • OneNote – application for taking notes and storing information and images allowing to divide notes into sections and unlimited pages,
  • Outlook – personal information manager including functions of an email client, calendar, note-taking, journal logging, task managing, and web browsing,
  • Access – database management system combines the relational MS Jet Database Engine with graphical user interface and software-development tool,
  • Publisher – desktop publishing app emphasized on page layout and design used for creating marketing materials and other documents,
  • Lync – unified communicator designed for the corporate environment allowing text chats, video conferences, and route phone calls,
  • Office for mobile devices – available for Android and iOS, which combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app with capabilities for making quick notes, signing PDF's, scanning QR codes, and transferring files,
  • 25 GB space for data in cloud storage,
  • possibility to create and edit Office suits via the web browser.

Integration with Calamari allows adding leave days to calendars, making it easier to always stay up to date about upcoming absences of employees.



Asana project management software is a tool which enables efficient teamwork on projects. Asana app allows adding notes and tags to projects marking people responsible for given tasks, adding deadline dates to the projects, and comments on the projects and tasks.

Asana task manager gives a possibility to send emails with the description of a given task in the email title, thanks to which managing work time becomes much easier. Every project can be divided into smaller sub-tasks. Asana software is a perfect tool for projects requiring the collaboration of several different departments of the organization. Task may consist of smaller subtasks and all of them can get their deadlines.

Due to the ability for commenting on the project status, every employee in the company can see in Asana calendar what is going on and what they should focus on. Adding deadlines is also a great way to increase team productivity and prevent delays in completing tasks.


Atlassian Jira is a project management and bug tracking software. It helps in organizing work and monitoring processes in the organization. Jira tool allows instant access to the information, thanks to which it has a huge influence on the speed of decision making. In January 2019 Jira reported 65,000 customers.

Working on Jira projects can be independent or in the teams. The application offers a board for task management with the possibility to sign employees to them and having constant control over the progress on works over given tasks.

Jira software has been equipped with many useful functions which help in keeping projects organized. There is a possibility to mark the tasks, give extra subtasks to them, and a deadline. Jira also supports ticket management, feature tagging, and management planning. It is a great solution for project management, software development, product management, and testers teams.

Jira can also be useful for Agile teams, offering features like tracking work time, creating reports about sprints, and monitoring productivity in time. It is one of the most popular software tools used in managing projects in the IT industry.

Other Calamari integrations

In addition to the tools mentioned above, Calamari Leave and Calamari Clock In also offers other integrations with popular software:

  • Basecamp
  • G-Suite
  • Tempo Planner

In Calamari, we are constantly working on new solutions and expanding the integration offer to even better support for attendance and absence management in companies and startups around the world.

If you do not know Calamari well, try our attendance tracking and leave management software for two weeks for free and find out how much it can change in your organization. And if you have questions or suggestions – contact us!

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