We all do receive a lot of emails. Too many emails. If you are a type of HR manager who likes to keep the inbox out of any unnecessary messages, you should give a try to Calamari Slack module. It lets you manage time-off requests, breaks, absences, and presence by not leaving the Slack channel. How is it possible and how does it work? And why is it even worth your attention? Read below!

Calamari and Slack integration

If you use Slack in your company it means that you take care of an internal communication in a modern way. You also most probably don’t like your mailbox full of unnecessary messages. We are taking a step further! We run Calamari Slack integration, that lets you manage your team calendars and presence without even opening your mailbox, and that’s just one of the profits!

Reach the dream Inbox 0 with Calamari Slack integration

How many emails concerning leave management do you get daily? Or maybe you still collect printed holiday requests? Wouldn’t your life be more comfortable if you got all those kind of documents automatically collected in one, digital space? Of course, it would! Calamari Slack integration lets your employees send their time-off requests via Slack with just a few clicks. The system sends you a notification that the application has been submitted and needs your/individual manager approval. What’s more, you also can approve or deny the request via Slack, with just a simple command. Your mailbox is relieved, and all the data is automatically stored in the Calamari system so that you can manage it with ease. Some of our happy customers say (Netguru) that this is a must-have Slack integration for them! :)

Leave and attendance management on Slack - notifications and leave requests using Calamari HR software

Hey Slack, who is absent next week?

We all know that it’s hard to remember all your employees' calendars. Who is absent, who is planning a vacation, and who is working remotely today? You don’t have to keep all this information in mind, nor any calendar. You can check it in seconds by typing a simple command in Slack and get the info immediately! Cool, isn’t it? :) You can check your whole team’s presence today, in the coming week or month, as well as check the presence of a specific employee.

Your kindly reminder

While designing Calamari, we have one aim - to make your everyday work more comfortable. Calamari sometimes works as your private secretary, who reminds you about the time-off requests that still needs approval. We'll also let you know who is currently on vacation, and whose holidays are about to start soon. All that info come in a subtle form of a Slack notification, as often as you set them to be sent.

You set the rules

Holiday requests are confidential, and only a few people in your company should have access to this kind of information. We are well aware of that, and we give you an option to set your own rules! While setting up Calamari Slack integration, you can define who should see, approve, and deny the holiday requests.

Make sure that everyone is on the same page

Right after you (or someone else in your company) accept the employee’s request, the system automatically sends the notification to the whole group of employees, who should get notified. Thanks to this, everyone well-informed, and the entire group communication gets smoother.

Easy employee management solution - use Slack and integrate it with your other work tools

Get eco-friendly

Who needs printed requests nowadays? We’ll tell you - no one! In Calamari, we keep all the presence and absence documents online and manage them either in Calamari administration panel or in the Slack channel. Remember that being eco-friendly is particularly crucial for the X and Z tech-savvy generation - they will appreciate that, trust us!

So how to start?

If you already use Calamari, you’re 4 steps away from kicking off! Just see this video and get started! If you never tried Calamari, try it for free by starting a trial. Extra profit of the integration is that you don’t need any new passwords. Calamari login data lets you enjoy all the functions that we offer!

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