How easier would it be to work if employees could check information about their colleagues and how to work with them at any time?

Knowing the effective communication's impact on teams' productivity and satisfaction, we've prepared a special space for your employees to share information about themselves and their work preferences. They can also check the information about their coworkers. Answering those questions will speed up a substantive discussion, help to avoid tensions and misunderstandings, and build a foundation of empathy that will facilitate the integration and effective work.

We present you Work with me - a new part of the Core HR module focused on managing employees and their documentation.

Work with me gives employees a space to introduce themselves and explain to them how to work with them. The new feature supports all types of teams: stationary, remote, and distributed.

Find out what you receive with Work with me, why this employees' space is important, and how it will help your organization.

Thanks to the new feature, you receive:

  • Access to dedicated space where you can tell your coworkers about who you are and how to work with you
  • Access to the information from the People modules with all the other available employees' information
  • A possibility to edit your information from the one pop-up screen
  • A set of questions to help employees complete their profiles
  • Question hints to help people answer the questions
  • Predefined answers that your employees can use
  • Information is divided into thematic categories, which makes it easier to find specific information
  • Privacy and security in accordance with GDPR standards

Discover, why your company need Work with Me

How Work with me can help your organization

Work with me gives employees a space where others can get to know them better. It makes them integrate faster and gives them a better understanding of each other, making their cooperation easier and more pleasant.

This solution is especially useful for distributed organizations or those where employees can work fully or partially remotely. Due to the remote communication problems (which strips message of many non-verbal signals, which makes it much harder to understand the communicate properly), it's an excellent place for people where they can dispel their doubts about the way others communicate.

Work with me is also a knowledge base about the preferred way of cooperation and communication, which allows you to better plan work in time based on the availability and preferences of other team members.


Thanks to Work with me, employees can:

  • introduce themselves to others and tell about themselves,
  • conveniently view employees' profiles,
  • become more productive by learning about each other preferences regarding the form of contact and the way of cooperation,
  • find relevant information about their managers,
  • check who is responsible for what and who to turn to for help,
  • share their passions and informal information, thanks to which they integrate better and can discover common conversation topics,
  • talk about their strengths and weaknesses, thanks to which others are more understanding towards them,
  • easier to solve conflicts and doubts in teams,
  • take care of their work comfort by sharing their way of working, daily schedule, and habits.

To complete your profile, go to the People tab and select your profile. Then, on the screen on the right, select the "Work with me" tab. Here you can start creating your profile. Information about colleagues can be found in the same place in their profiles. Remember that you don't have to answer all the questions – choose the ones you consider most important.

Why Work with me is the best solution:

  • all information about absenceworking timeemployee documents and employees in one place
  • your data is safe and managing them with Calamari manages is easy and free from mistakes
  • thanks to the convenient search engine you can quickly find everything you need
  • you and your employees don't have to learn a new tool
  • you get excellent customer service to answer any questions you may have

Calamari makes everyone's work in your company easier. Thanks to us, you save time and money that you can invest in developing your business.

Don't hesitate! Start your 14 days free trial now and see how Calamari will help you organize HR in your company. If you'd have any questions, our Customer Success team is waiting for your message.

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