Efficient employees' app provisioning to SaaS software used in the company on a daily basis has a great influence on data safety and pace of project implementation. Check out how you can increase the efficiency of your organization thanks to seamless software access management.

Data and SaaS management

The safeness of the data collected by the company is strictly connected to online safety. Online data are exposed to cyber security breaches all the time. As Blurred World research made by Samsung stated, only 44% of employees know how to effectively protect information on devices they use in their workplace. Therefore, enterprises must take care of their information security to counteract security breaches.

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation entrepreneurs are oblique to adapt their companies' policies to the requirements presented in the GDPR. Although it might seem that the new data protection law makes running the company harder, it allows developing solid data and information security standards which brings long-term benefits for both entrepreneurs and their clients.

However, the introduction of GDPR is not enough to state that the data are safe. To make sure they are, it is necessary to obtain appropriate software which will help keep the information safe. As a GDPR consequence, HR management software had to adapt to properly secure the data the way described in the data protection regulation. This allows companies to protect their data accordingly by using HR management software like Calamari.

Due to the massive shift to remote work caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the cost of data breaches increased from 3,89 to 4,96 million. According to the 2021 Data Threat Report made by Thales Group, 82% of entrepreneurs are afraid of data security breaches due to remote work. Considering the fact that 58% of European organizations had experienced data safety violations, the matter is really serious and should be a priority of responsible companies.

Many organizations take the protection of their information and documents (including employees' personal data) seriously. The table below presents the increase in expenses related to data security protection on various levels between 2020 and 2021 based on the data presented by Gartner in May 2021.

Why is it worth using employee user provisioning software?

Taking care of the security of company documents and information, including the protection of employees' personal data collected on organization accounts, is possible thanks to the app provisioning software that allows managing login data and employees' authorizations. But it's just one of the advantages of using this type of software. It has many more benefits thanks to which it speeds up work in the organization and helps taking care of good organization duties. At the same time, it makes the HR department work easier - primarily in the onboarding and offboarding employees process.

So what are the other benefits of introducing access management software in the organization?

Onboarding process optimization

After the recruitment process, onboarding is the earliest experience with the organization that a newly hired employee has. That is why a good onboarding experience is crucial for creating a good atmosphere and employee engagement. Therefore, the process of introducing a new person to the corporate community must be smooth and well-thought-out.

Besides organizing the necessary meetings, it's also crucial to ensure that employees can start working on the entrusted tasks when the introduction process is completed.

User provisioning software enables early granting of the logins and passwords to the company's accounts on platforms and software necessary for an employee to work. By using HR software with an app provisioning feature, the employee can check what tools they have access to and can log in to them without problems. In the event of having no access to the software or having troubles logging in, the person responsible for provisioning will be able to quickly update the employee's data.

This kind of improvement of the onboarding process ensures good work organization and minimizes the stress accompanying newly hired employees in the first days of a new job. It also allows understanding the organization's infrastructure, which is crucial in the case of an IT specialist responsible for the technical operation of the company's software.


The efficient process of granting access and deprovisioning

Collecting the information of employees provisioning to the tools used in the company also allows for efficient and quick granting and deprovisioning authorizations for them for various reasons. In the event of resignation or limitation of using the given tool, it is possible to manage the provisioning of an employee within a few clicks, ensuring that only authorized employees will be able to use the software.

The solution is also extremely useful in the case of promotion of changing the position of the employee. Along with such changes, people often get more responsibilities that require the ability to use new tools. Managing employees' provisioning details allows quickly granting access to necessary software with a possibility to deprovision of the no longer used tools.

If an employee needs a possibility to log in to the given program only for the time of realizing a given project, it is possible to create a new account and grant the access with ease. It makes organizing projects easier and allows decreasing the time needed to finish them, which translates directly into the company's profits.

Better information and work organization

HR SaaS management software gives the possibility of employee app provisioning and deprovisioning from the system level by the administrator of the access management tool. The software also allows checking who can log in to the given tools.

It's a great feature in the case of organizing and realizing the projects. Especially when there's a need for help from the person with access to the necessary tool. It's possible to check which employees can access the tool at any time. When employees with access are absent, the app provisioning software administrator (usually someone from the HR management team or IT department) can grant the access to another employee.

At the same time, at the stage of project planning and preparation of the vacation calendar, it's easier to manage employees to make sure that the person with access to the specific tool will be available when needed. For realizing the project, it is also possible to quickly grant access to the new person for the time needed to finish the task and then revoke the access and delete the account (the process called deprovisioning).

Due to the automatic updates about the app provisioning and deprovisioning, the information about the changes is immediately available to the other people in the company. It makes the organization's documents safer and ensures a good information flow.

Costs optimization

Managing employees' app provisioning to corporate SaaS software allows increasing the efficiency of access management processes. It also reduces costs associated with paying for unused accounts. As in the case of Calamari - when the subscription amount depends on the number of active users in the system - every unused account is an additional cost that might be avoided.

Managing provisioning in excel works fine for small businesses but only at some point. When the company grows, the larger it becomes, the inefficiency of the spreadsheets is more visible. Using spreadsheets makes it harder to find those unused accounts and it results in paying more than the company could.

By controlling employees' access to SaaS software, the administrator of the system can check the last logged-in date to the given tool and the time spent using it. If it turns out that employees don't use the tools, their access can be revoked in the deprovisioning process. Thanks to the possibility to manage access to different tools in one platform, it's very easy to cancel or limit the subscription to reduce the costs of using it.

Company software inventory

In addition to benefits that improve the work and offboarding process, the employee app provisioning software allows collecting data about the software used in the organization and a number of active user profiles registered in them.

This information is useful when planning a company's budget. They allow finding those tools that bring high costs and aren't used enough to be worth paying for. This makes it easier to save money without having to give up on useful but expensive solutions that are intensively used.

The inventory feature of the access management module of HR software allows controlling the number of tools used in the organization, which is extremely important in terms of data security. It allows reducing the risk of data theft by limiting unnecessary tools and accounts collecting information about the company and its performance.

Data safety and compliance

Using the same login and password by multiple people is the factor that affects the privacy of information collected in SaaS tools the most. It makes it impossible to verify who is responsible for the security breach. In consequence, it's difficult to find and eliminate the source of a problem.

Using the same credentials from various IP addresses (for example during remote or hybrid work) also increases the risk of data theft. In a situation when the company has only one account and one login data, it may completely lose access to the account. It's a critical security breach that has to be detected as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it might bring huge losses to the organization.

Controlling employees' provisioning and granting personalized login credentials, reduces the risk of data breaches and makes it easier to verify the source of if. Thanks to this, the company can solve the problem faster and minimize possible losses.


Storing data in one system

Providing a company with an HR system allowing recording work time, managing leave days, documenting employee equipment and access to user tools is convenient in employee management for HR specialists.

It not only ensures hassle-free onboarding and offboarding processes but also helps in preparing periodic reports. Software such as Calamari stores data in a well-secured cloud, which allows access from any place and any time. This means it's possible to get the necessary information on hand when they're needed.

It helps in planning projects, vacations, and onboarding. It also facilitates the preparation of new workplaces and grants the necessary access to the tools needed for work. Automatic data updating makes it possible to always be up to date, which minimizes errors and makes the employee management processes more efficient.

Efficient offboarding process

Offboarding is one of the most important processes when it comes to data security protection connected to employee management. If it's carried out incorrectly or inaccurately, it might result in losses to the organization.

First of all, when terminating cooperation with an individual, it's necessary to make sure that employees have passed all of the company's equipment. Collecting information on this subject in the HR module speeds up the process. It also minimizes the possibility of a data breach due to the electronic equipment such as cellphones, laptops, and others that still have access to the company's data.

Ensuring that the employee accounts of those no longer belonging to the organization are deactivated is highly important from a security point of view. If the deprovisioning process is incomplete, the employee can access the data and use them against the organization. Even if the former employee remains fair with the company, having a working login and password is a weak spot that reduces the security of the whole organization's documents.

The automatic deprovisioning process provided by HR management software ensures the safety of the data and reduces costs in the company, allowing to quickly identify which software and accounts should be deleted.


Keeping records about employees' app provisioning to Saas tools used in the organization is a simple way to accelerate project implementation and ensure the security of corporate data. It ensures an efficient onboarding and offboarding process and reduces the costs of using various SaaS software.

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