Recently, our human resource management software has undergone many wonderful changes that have significantly improved its operation. We have been appreciated by thanks to these numerous facilities and hard work!

The long hours spent inventing and implementing new functionalities for our absence management tool have more than paid off. The Calamari Leave module has been checked by the B2B catalog and has achieved an excellent result: an 8/10 rating and an almost perfect 99% user satisfaction rating.Designed by Freepik

What did the reviewers pay attention to?

The reviewers of FinancesOnline are both experts dealing with various types of software, as well as ordinary people who had the opportunity to use the selected tool. This solution allows you to gather a lot of useful information from different perspectives to assess SaaS/B2B software in a very accurate way. Thanks to this, the reviews and reports published by the portal become useful to anyone interested in a given software and is a reliable source of information about them.

When assessing Calamari, the reviewers noted how our human resources management tool is able to help companies function efficiently and keep up to date with employees' holidays, their working time, and attendance thanks to two modules: Calamari Leave and Calamari Clock In.

Calamari Leave

The first of our modules – Calamari Leave management system – is designed to help companies improve and accelerate the flow of work related to vacation management by automating the flow of approving requests, checking abnormalities, giving various possibilities of tracking PTO, sickness leaves, and holiday leaves in the organization. As part of the module, in addition to reporting absences, it is also possible to create your own types of absences and assign them to selected employees.

Calamari Leave also allows for the automatic generation of HR reports, team calendars, and overviews. Access to your information can be obtained by the boss, manager, and other employees. They can do it via the website, mobile application, or by using various integrations. Calamari Leave is integrated with Slack, thanks to which it allows you to manage employee holidays from the messenger level using simple commands. This solution additionally improves work and saves a lot of time. Our tool also integrates with GSuiteOffice 365, and many other useful programs used by many companies around the world.

Calamari Clockin

The second module – Calamari Clock In/clock out – allows accurate tracking and documentation of working time and attendance. Various technologies can be used to record working time: saving time via the web page, mobile application, QR codes, or iBeacon technology. iBeacons recognize employees' mobile devices and when a person is within the range of a beacon, the application automatically registers the employee's presence in the office. Using a QR code reader, you can start and finish work, as well as report a break using a voice interface, which in times of coronavirus pandemic and social distancing is a great solution to ensure people's safety through the contactless solution.

Clock in module allows recording the start and end of work time along with location – thanks to the use of GPS tracking. When saving time via a QR reader, it is also possible to take a photo of the employee, which prevents abuses. Data on the recording of working time can be changed manually, so in the event of errors and problems, you can easily restore everything to normal.

Reviewers appreciated our modern HR management solution and awarded Calamari the Rising Star Award 2017 and Great user Experience Award of Finances Online for all types of HR software. It is the merits that receive products that best meet the expectations of customers.

Calamari Leave Management - rising star prices

Appreciated by Finances Online

We salute Finances Online for these recognitions that validate Calamari Leave’s performance. The main goal of our platform is to help companies and organizations to increase productivity among employees by simplifying attendance and leave management. We place great emphasis on flexibility so that Calamari can benefit companies from around the world with different vacation policies. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use, it is perfectly suited for both small businesses, startups and large organizations thanks to the flexible price list, which depends on the number of employees in the company and the possibility of paying only for the module that will be used. As a result of the awards and positive ratings, our software was pushed high in the ranks of the online directory.

Calamari Leave management - great user experience award

Joining leading players on the HR software market

We are proud to announce that Calamari Leave has become one of the leading HR software alternatives of FinancesOnline and can compete with the largest players on the market!

We are constantly working on improving our product, and recent awards motivate us to work even harder and introduce more and more interesting improvements that will optimize human resources management in your company. We want to create a universal product that works in any type of organization, which is why we gladly respond to individual customer needs, which we often implement for all customers and develop according to their needs.

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