Polski Standard Płatności (Polish Payment Standard (PSP)) is a company formed by six biggest Polish banks: Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Bank Zachodni WBK, mBank, ING Bank Śląski and PKO Bank Polski. PSP provides their customers with a revolutionary and intuitive mobile payment service – BLIK that enables customers to make eCommerce and retail payments, withdraw cash from ATMs and send transfers to other customers using their system.
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Mobile payments
Financial services
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How we used to manage?

To be honest, it was our friend that recommended us the Calamari product. We looked at it and concluded that it would be quite a good solution for our pretty modern company.

In a need of change:

Before implementing this system, in order to manage everything, we had been using mainly paper. As time goes by, we decided to reduce the amount of paperwork by switching slowly to electronic tools. At first we were concerned that if we were to start deploying this new technology, it would be more time-consuming and it would be hard to deal with.

Expectations met:

The system is so easy and intuitive that all our concerns were quickly dispelled. Our employees kept saying: “Girls, it’s such an amazing tool, it’s so good that you decided to implement this!”. We didn’t even need any specific training, since nobody enquired us about the usage.

When it comes to the adaptation to our firm’s policy, we didn’t have any problems neither. In our company, we have both employees and co-employees. Calamari reached out to us and allowed us to easily divide them. We were able to adjust the amount of days of non-service to each type of employee. Despite being a small company, we have also different absences policies, that were easily adaptable, without even the need of support from Calamari team. For us, this product is nothing but awesome!


Thanks to better flow and share of information, communication has significantly improved, which we didn’t anticipate. Everybody, everywhere and 24 hours a day has an access to the system and can check any absences.

Application is very friendly for the user, as well as for the person administrating it. It is easily adaptable to the firm’s policy and any support in managing is unnecessary. We would recommend it to any company, where paper requests are still being used. We are entirely satisfied with Calamari, but the only thing that it may be missing is serving coffee and tea after clocking in every morning – that would be too perfect!

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