Arina Chebanova
Juno, is a ridehailing service owned by Gett and based in New York, New York. They claim to be the most friendly ridehail service for both drivers and riders, hence their slogan, “A Better Ridesharing Service”.
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Arina Chebanova
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How we used to manage?

Juno does try to live by this motto as they have reserved 50% of the shares of their company to be given out to their drivers, a first in the ridesharing world! Juno also takes a smaller commission (10%) from their drivers than similar services, putting more money in drivers’ pockets. Lastly, Juno has a 24-hour assistance hotline, which is a big plus for both riders and drivers! While this company at a basic level is similar to an Uber (download the app, hail a ride, rate your driver, etc), their advantage is in the way they treat their drivers and riders.

One thing to note is that Juno does have high demand pricing or surge pricing, where Juno’s prices will rise when there is a short supply of drivers on the road to encourage more drivers to drive and to lessen wait times. This is similar to Uber’s surge pricing or Lyft’s prime time pricing. One aspect of Juno’s surge pricing that is a bit unique, however, is that they will cap their surge pricing so you will only be charged the surge price for a portion of your trip (if you are taking a longer ride). The surge caps for each service are as follows, $30 for Bliss, $50 for Lux, and $80 for SUV. Simply put for Bliss rides, once the base fare reaches $30, the surge price stops and the regular Juno Bliss pricing kicks back into effect. Juno employs this method to ensure that riders are not paying extreme surge prices for long rides.

Until Calamari’s introduction, our Accounting/HR team has been tracking vacation manually. We decided to implement online time-off software in our organization to ease the process of requesting and managing time-off.

We wanted an easy to use software that will help us save time and resources. Our team of specialists has been searching through many different sources and pages to find the right tool. They came up with Calamari and it turned out to be the best relevant option for our needs.

In a need of change:

We wanted to solve the problem with managing and controlling vacation requests – we needed them to be stored in one place. We also wanted to give our employees the possibility to see their current entitlement and easily plan their upcoming time-off.

We needed software that doesn’t have restrictions on the number of employees, and Calamari met this need. We also wanted to be able to manage various options: time-off counts, variants of time-off that can be added, notifications, and team structure. It was important for us to be able to set our own absences types.

Expectations met:

Calamari met our expectations, and it definitely did solve our problems. The department that benefits the most was the Accounting/HR team. Until Calamari’s introduction, they’ve been tracking vacation manually, and now they can finally save their time to focus on other responsibilities.

Our employees reacted optimistically. They really appreciated the option of having all their absences management in one place. Calamari is an easy-to-use tool, so it took our employees about a few days to get used to using the new tool and appreciate its possibilities.

As for managers – they were happy to stop having to keep track of vacation of their teams manually. It saved their time and gave the certainty that every data is collected.


What we like the most about Calamari are the settings. There is a great variety of settings to keep track of time-off that suits our needs. And it’s user friendly ;).

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