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Sebastian Petrescu

How we used to manage?

Before we started to use Calamari, we kept the attendance management in an Excel file.

In a need of change:

At one point we decided that we should keep track of the time spent in an office smarter. We’ve tested more than 20 apps and solutions on the market and in the end, we found out that Calamari was serving our interests the best. Now we’re very happy with the way the time spent in the office is tracked.

Expectations met:

We’ve tested more than 20 apps before choosing Calamari. We liked the reporting system and the configuration options very much.

We also liked the very simple clock in and out process, the fact that it has a mobile app and Slack integration. The fact that the price adapts on the size of the organization was also a point for Calamari.

I’ll rate it as the easiest to implement and easiest to be used by employees. And this was one of the reasons we choose Calamari in the first place. It made everybody more responsible and more aware of the time spent in the office, it made the HR job easier and faster and shortened the time required to clock in and out.

I think me and my colleagues love Calamari integration the most. We’re using Slack all the time so the integration comes of great help. It’s a very simple and convenient way to clock in and out, to manage the leave request, to see the presence at work. And since we are all using Slack, we save time on all these operations.


Implementation of Calamari simply saved us time. I think all our departments gained precious minutes each day and probably the HR gained the most. I’ve already recommended Calamari to some companies because of that. I think Calamari is well suited in any typeof organization that wants to track time in a smart and convenient way.

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